Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday Shoesday

Morning lovelies! Let me let you in on a little TRUE Event trivia - Sarah is a high heel wearing even after 19 hours on site kind of girl. I am completely envious of that trait. I am the switch from sneakers, then to flats, then to heels for when the bride sees me and then I sneak off into the corner to say hello to my flats again kind of girl. Not nearly as glamourous. I suppose it takes all kinds. Anyway, I saw Sarah "like" these from Shopbop on Facebook and they have her written all over them. She would totally rock these into the wee hours of the night...

buy them here


  1. this post just makes me smile because i know exactly what you mean :) love you both and your shoe preferences/abilities

  2. Brava to anyone who can rock a serious heel for hours; I've gotten so soft in SF, and can hardly run around in a pair for an hour! These might be the perfect motivation to get my high heeled feet back!

  3. Love this post!! My Physical Therapist would not agree so much with my heel envy and the resulting pain in my back and hips. I suppose that is the price of beauty!! God I love these shoes! xoxo


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