Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday Shoesday

Today's Tuesday Shoesday has a little story behind it (really what doesn't with me?). Mr. C and I went to the movies over the weekend. Two things about this - 1. We never ever go to the movies 2. We went to see Water for Elephants. I still can't believe Mr. C was game for this. Anywho...although I love love love Reese, I was a bit sceptical going in about the whole R Patz thing (that's what the kids call him apparently). Well, wouldn't you know, by the end of the movie I was in a full Twilight trance (this is something I probably shouldn't admit). I would like to blame said trance on Reese's amazing apparel throughout the movie. I mean, seriously - minus the whole depression and prohibition thing, I think I would have really enjoyed myself style wise in that era. She also rocked bangles the entire movie - from casual to formal - from riding horses to elephants, the bangles were there. So when I saw these shoes, I couldn't help but think how perfect they would be for her character.

What do you think? Would you wear these? I personally think if you happen to be honeymooning in Greece in the near future they are a must have. Best part? They are $39.99. True story.


  1. I love those sandals.. I actually tried one similar and regret not purchasing them.

    I was drooling over Reese's outfits as much as I was drooling over R Patz ;)

  2. That's looking awesome!! I love your choice, thanks for sharing the wonderful post...


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